Jonathan Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Connective Tissue Medicine, commented on a Discussion – Petition: Opposing MEGA

I was very concerned that a counter petition of this sort would be an own goal. However, reading this I cannot really fault it and am actually impressed by much of the wording and argument. The up front reference to researchers whose work has been shown to be substandard may seem inflammatory but we are past that now and I think being to the point is a strength. The point that MEGA is not the only game in town is well made. From my point of view I have yet to see any information that would convince me that any original thought has gone into the project. I am not a fan of Big Data. They jumped the gun and it is entirely legitimate to say so because it is an insult to the patients’ intelligence.

So I think I would encourage all members to sign. If the petition is there and is making a fair point good numbers of signatures would have impact.

Jonathan Edwards, 20th October 2016.