Posted on the charity’s announcements page here  27th October 2016.

Hope 4 ME & Fibro NI trustees support the OMEGA petition (OMEGA = “Opposing MEGA”)…

Recently the CMRC (CFS / ME Research Collaborative) put out a petition calling for support of a new project led by the group MEGA (M.E./CFS Epidemiology and Genomics Alliance).

The MEGA project at first glance appears worthwhile, however there are a number of serious concerns. The main concern being, the involvement of researchers who favour a biopsychosocial approach to ME.

We wholeheartedly support the opinions and full concerns listed in the following statements from:

Invest in ME:…/invest-in-me-research…/

Professor Malcolm Hooper and Margaret Williams:

Professor Jonathan Edwards:…/comment-by-professor-…/

Please consider signing the OMEGA petition here: