Science, Politics …… and ME  by Ian Gibson and Elaine Sherriffs is a book about the politics and prejudice which has affected the way that ME is perceived, treated, researched and funded – as well as the resultant effects on patients and their families.

Dr. Gibson led an inquiry in 2006 and the report made several recommendations.  Ten years on, he felt it necessary to look at the effects that politics and the actions of some have influenced the way ME has been, and continues to be the subject of misrepresentation, inappropriate media reporting, ineffective research funding and a pervading prejudice that needs to be exposed.  Background to how and why the book was written –

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Science, Politics, …….and ME: A health scandal in our generation

Few diseases can have been so maligned by false information, so manipulated by an insidious establishment-controlled ideology, or so poorly dealt with by those holding the purse-strings for research into the disease, than Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

This book examines a scandal in our generation – a scandal still being played out by corrupt, apathetic, inept or ignorant attitudes in governments and Medical Research Councils and health services.

One of the authors (Dr Ian Gibson) in his ‘ Retirement’ has written this book with a political friend (Elaine Sherriffs). Ian Gibson has a passing interest in the current political scene across the world and regularly speaks on these issues. When it comes to universal health, he has pointed out on many occasions that governments often ignore scientific evidence. ME, as described in the book, is a major problem where evidence is relegated to psychiatric explanations. It is a desperate need for scientists as far as health issues are concerned to look for biomedical evidence and ME is a major example.

This book describes the political manoeuvring which features just like those in the TV programme The House of Cards in the USA & the UK which described the games that are played in both parliaments. He has previously addressed these problems in an early book in 1981 – called ‘Class, Health & Profit’.

Ian and Elaine have penetrated the murky world of politics which features in the world of ME. It is long past the time to treat this as a serious illness and the need for serious biomedical research. This will only come about when politicians and the media stop trivialising the illness. Science, Politics …… and ME is a book which will serve as a reference for the dark times, when patients were ill-served by the clash of interests between truths and untruths. It is also a book which comes at a time where a brighter future may be in the making for people with ME and their families.

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